CD Marketing
Designed for computer use, a CD is
one off the most cost effective ways
to stimulate interest in your company.
Full motion video, music, and animation can be included on a CD presentation to provide
a potential customer with the kind of detailed information that would normally require more
time than a salesperson would be granted.

Potential customers can link directly to your website or contact any member of your sales
staff, all through one click of the mouse. Without a doubt, this is a great way to assure
maximum impact for your business. Make sure that you STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD
of brochures and pamphlets.

Some of the benefits of using Interactive CD's are:

- Least expensive of all digital formats
- Large storage capacity for lengthy training videos
- Creative and "cutting edge" technology
- Positions you well ahead of your competition
- Tremendous visual impact and High Tech appeal
- Less cost than the typical brochure
- Highest probability it will be viewed by your client

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